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Help Jim fight cancer!

Organizer: Alina Jadewood
Beneficiary: jim solomon

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Help Jim fight cancer!

[Update 2019-01-15: Jim's surgery went well and he's currently taking his time recovering and receiving aftercare! He's very thankful to all of you who made this possible! :) This fundraiser's still open & helping to cover the cost, as the entire treatment's not fully paid for yet.]

[Update 2018-12-31: THANK YOU all for your generous  donations! The main surgery already took place. No word yet, on how things will go on. I'll update you as  soon as I know more!]

[Update 2018-12-10: An initial down payment has been  made & we're currently waiting to hear back concerning a surgery  date within the next ten days! The surgery is finally happening!]

My dear friend Jim was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. This really comes as a shock to him & his family. The good news is that doctors told him his chance of recovery was high if he got the malignant tumour removed immediately — the bad news is that he cannot afford this necessary and life-saving surgery right now.  

The overall costs for the treatment from start to finish add up to about $ 15k. Jim managed to get funding for most of it, but $ 2k are missing to cover the treatment!

Jim has selflessly stood up for the weak all his life and now, for the first time, desperately needs help himself. He's never asked anyone for money, but he's running out of time and your help is his last hope. Jim loves life, nature and helping others, please don't let him lose this fight! Every single Dollar is of help and a step towards saving his life!

Please read on to learn more about this great guy and why we ask you, kind people of the internet, for help!


I got to know Jim as a very active and kind guy who can't get enough of outdoor sports and raising awareness for environmental & social issues. It's heartbreaking to see him, who always did his best and worked hard, in such a vulnerable and desperate situation.
If I ever met a true altruist it has to be him. His journey began in Sarawak, Malaysia, where he grew up and worked as a teacher mainly teaching the indigenous Penan people whose nomadic lifestyle and habitat was severely threatened by the timber industry. A member of a native ethnic group, the Iban, himself, he soon joined efforts to protect the rainforest from destructive logging and fight for the rights of the indigenous people of Borneo. Later, he moved to Australia to study journalism while continuing to advocate for the rights of indigenous people and volunteering in development aid programmes. After returning to Malaysia and working for a newspaper his social engagement continued as he took up social work rehabilitating ex-prisoners and former drug addicts. Now, at 47 years old, various jobs, passions and people have brought him to Manila, Philippines.
Of course, nature is still a matter close to his heart and he won't grow tired of bringing awareness to the destruction of rainforests, the extinction of its fauna and the value of our natural heritage. It's no surprise he spends his leisure outside trail running, hiking, surfing and mountain climbing.

To Jim it has always been more important to meet people of all faiths and backgrounds and contribute whatever he can to make our world a little better, than to create a comfortable life for himself and lean back.
Even now, with everything looking bleak, he's working hard to save funds and doesn't think of giving up. As mentioned, Jim can cover a big chunk of his treatment's cost himself, but it is simply not enough for the surgery. 2018 is such an unfortunate year for him as he first lost his beloved father, then had some different health issues and already spent his savings on medical bills earlier this year. The amount of money we want to raise is just to cover the surgery expenses. That's all Jim is asking for.

Please help this kind soul who has so much more to give! Help him win this battle and get back on his feet!
Any donation, no matter how small, makes a difference and is highly appreciated! 🙏

Thank you!