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Beta Chi Alumni Fund

Organizer & Beneficiary: Phi Kappa Tau Beta Chi Alumni

Beta Chi Alumni Fund

Purpose: To establish a Board of Governors Alumni Programs Fund to be used for Beta Chi alumni programming at SIU and in other locales around Illinois or Missouri through a comprehensive calling campaign.


Q: “Is this just for homecoming?”

A: “No! We plan to use this fund for a variety of exciting initiatives throughout the Chicagoland, Central and Southern Illinois. Some funds may be directed towards specific homecoming events and used to offset costs, but this fund will not be used exclusively for homecoming.”

Q: “What exactly will this money be used for?”

A: “The BOG strives to engage Alumni in new and exciting ways in the coming years. As our Alumni population begins to expand as the Chapter continues to thrive, we hope to foster Fellowship among Brothers from all generations of Phi Tau. The Alumni Program Fund will be used for deposits on event spaces (think annual winter gathering), offset direct event attendee costs, and other programs that directly further our brotherhood beyond the Chapter House. As it stands currently, we are extremely limited in our formal event offerings as we do not have any budget for deposits or group reservations.”

Q: “Does this money go directly to the Chapter or House?”

A: “No, this is a separate fund that will be administered directly by the BOG Chairman and Treasurer.”

Q: “Can I donate a different amount or kind?”

A: “Of course! Donations of all amounts are accepted.”

Q: “This sounds exciting! How can I be more involved?”

A: “Excellent! We could really use your help, Brother. We need help planning/hosting events. I can put you in contact with our VPAR, Rob Falkenrath, who can further this conversation.”