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Freedom Ride Transport 2/22

Organizer: Elain Brown
Beneficiary: toccoa-stephens county humane shelter

Freedom Ride Transport 2/22


The shelter is full to the max.  We need to get as many dogs out as possible to avoid having to euthanize any dogs.  Some are Pit Bulls, some have mange, others may have some behavioral challenges.  By getting these dogs out of the shelter, we will have room for new dogs that need to come into the shelter.  The dogs in this picture, and a few more, have been chosen, by wonderful rescues.  They have their golden tickets!  There's only one problem....they need a ride!

The shelter has a wonderful transport vehicle that is made to save lives, but that Sprinter needs gas, and the drivers need food and a place to rest.   

We are hoping to leave on Friday, 2/22, for New York, but if we don't have the funding, the wheels won't roll.  

In order to do these transports, we depend on donations because the shelter budget doesn't cover the expenses involved in saving animals such as these.  

Please, no amount is too small!  It all adds up to saving lives.  Sharing, also, helps us get closer to our goal.  

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts to save lives!