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Noah's Study Abroad: Cape Town South Africa

Organizer & Beneficiary: tyson marko

Noah's Study Abroad: Cape Town South Africa

My Story

I have always been passionate about finding brand new experiences and opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone. Each time that I gain a new viewpoint or try something new, I can feel my character building and my soul being refreshed. My plan for the future is to plant some roots into the city of Minneapolis, so to create a more integrated and sustainable community. I want to have an array of perspectives before I take on that career so I can make the best impact possible, so, I plan on embarking on an educational experience abroad at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, for the fall semester in 2018.

Being born and raised in America, traveling only a few times in my life, I feel that my scope of human life is very narrow. All I really know is the environment that I have been surrounded by and the values that it has instilled in me. By sojourning in South Africa, I will be immersed in a completely different culture, built upon a completely different foundation of values.

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The Vision
I am excited to delve into a new world and explore the ways that people interact with one another, build relationships, networks, and how that all develops a cohesive community. I want to learn how to navigate a culturally foreign place and uncover the perspectives that the culture holds. Additionally, this experience will help me reflect on my own country by being physically separated from it. Living in a different country will allow me a new reference frame to view the US from and the opportunity to learn how other people of the world see the US too.

This extraordinary journey will be a major step in my personal maturation and help me maximize my impact on Minneapolis after I have come back. Being exposed to two different worlds will help me expand my tool belt for solving problems and buttress my growth in becoming a socially responsible citizen.

The Costs
The entire trip is around $22,000 for a semester. Yeah. One semester. That includes all of the extraneous costs, transportation, housing, etc.

Luckily, I have access to financial aid and a few loans, which are definitely helpful, but not quite enough to cover all of the costs.

After factoring in financial aid and loans, I still need $6,500 to cover:

- Room: $2,500

-Meals: $1,765

-Airfare: $1,650

-Local Travel: $585 (like for getting to and from class)

Your donation will help me achieve a life changing experience at The University of Cape Town, South Africa, and support my development as an urban altruist!

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