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Save my home, for my kids

Organizer & Beneficiary: Chantelle Mbav

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Save my home, for my kids

Hello. Can you / will you help. Please. For my children’s sake. Like everyone Covid cost me everything. I lost my job, before donating a kidney in January 2020, just at the onset of Covid. Then our small business couldn’t earn any money at all for months, due to the hard lock down. We recycle used cooking oil. With all this happening my family is falling apart.  I have not been able to get another job. Debt collectors are banging on my door, our electricity was switched off.

I wrote a book as a testimony to what God can do in a person’s life. Unfortunately, I did not  sell many copies. What I did sell, put food on our table for a bit.

I have lost over 10kgs in the past months, and my blood pressure has dropped so much that I am always dizzy. I am worried that my children will not have a mother soon, if I can’t get my feet on the ground.   

To get my bond and other accounts back to manageable levels we need R300,000.

 Then I can carry on my search to get a mornings only job, and look after my kids in the afternoons. 

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