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Stand with Gaza: Urgent Humanitarian Mission

Organizer: Phoenix Team
Beneficiary: the egyptian red crescent

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Stand with Gaza: Urgent Humanitarian Mission

Dear brothers and sisters,

I'd like to share a crucial humanitarian mission led by Phoenix Team, they was raising funds to support Gaza through the Egyptian Red Crescent using a WhatsApp group.  However, due to the worsening situation in Gaza and the ongoing genocide, we now need to broaden our efforts and reach a larger audience.

The people of Gaza are enduring the unimaginable horrors of genocide, and the extent of their suffering is immeasurable. Since October 7th, countless innocent lives have been lost, homes destroyed, and families torn apart. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine need our support now more than ever, and we cannot afford to fail them.

In partnership with the respected Egyptian Red Crescent,Phoenix Team is on a mission to help the people of Gaza. We're gathering essential supplies, including:

Medical Supplies:

• Medicines

• Burn ointment

• Painkillers

• Antibiotics

• Cotton

• Diapers/Nappies

• Sanitizers

Food Assistance:

• Canned food (such as tuna, beef, and condor-beef)

• Bottled water

• Dairy products


• Blankets

• Tents

• Prayer clothes for sisters

• Sanitary pads

• Knickers

The funds we collect will be dedicated to securing these vital supplies. Once gathered, the aid, in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent, will be transferred to the Egyptian Red Crescent. They will expertly manage the distribution process to ensure that the aid reaches those in need at the Gaza border, where the situation is most dire.We must remember that the suffering in Gaza is immense, and the need for support is urgent.

By expanding our reach beyond the WhatsApp group, we can ensure that more people have the opportunity to contribute and make a tangible difference. The situation in Gaza is a stark reminder of our collective responsibility to alleviate the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters.

The ongoing genocide in Gaza demands our immediate attention, and we cannot allow the suffering to continue. Our faith teaches us the value of helping those in need: "The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain that sprouts seven spikes." (Quran 2:261)

Please consider joining us in supporting my mother's Gaza aid initiative in Egypt, in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent. Your generosity will help bring relief to those affected by the ongoing genocide. We cannot fail our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and with your support, we can make a tangible difference. Thank you for your kindness and support. Together, we can stand with those who are suffering and provide them with the aid they so urgently need.