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Help a Desperate Great Grandmother & Grandchildren

Organizer & Beneficiary: Yvonne Besco & Grand Children and Great Children

Help a Desperate Great Grandmother & Grandchildren


I am a great grandmother raising 2 teen grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  My daughter died in childbirth years ago and my granddaughter died from an opiate overdose  five months ago.  She didn’t qualify for Medicaid and could not get help for her addiction.  I don’t know where all of these funds to help with opiate addiction are going, but they are not being funneled into Missouri. My husband of 53 years died over a year ago and this loss has devastated us emotionally and financially. He did not have a life insurance policy.

If any of you are dealing with someone who is an addict, you know how challenging this is on all levels. I loved and miss my granddaughter, but she constantly stole from us and decimated our finances. She opened credit cards in both me and my husband’s names, unbeknownst to us for months. I believe my husband could no longer handle the heart break and drama.

I do take advantage of the resources available; however, my social security income & part time job does exceed the amount to receive public assistance; however, I am grateful and it is fortunate that all five children are receiving Missouri Care.  We barely squeak by each month and there are no luxuries, not even cable television. (I encourage reading). 

This is my problem:  My home is in need of serious repairs and my vehicle is on its last leg. The major issue is making changes in the home to accommodate my disabled great grandchild.

What I need is:

Flooring for 3 more rooms. Presently there is just plywood that was installed to replace the damage caused by black mold.

Bathtub removed and made into a walk in shower. I have fallen several times already and broke two ribs. (Black mold damaged BR as well). Needs floor tile or vinyl as well.

Wheelchair ramp and accommodations in the home, particularly BR, for my physically disabled great grandchild.

My 1988 Marquis needs a new transmission and other expensive repairs, so I have just parked this in the garage.  My Honda Civic has 200,000 miles and is on its last leg. I do need a reliable vehicle to get the kids to appointments. I wish I could get a van which would make it easier to transport my disabled great grandchild. If anyone who sees this has a vehicle they would like to contribute it would be much appreciated.

I have been transparent and am calling on all angels, humanitarians for some charity.  At an advanced age, I am working  part time on the weekends with my teen granddaughters caring for the little ones, so I can put food on the table for a toddler, a preschooler, a grade schooler, and two middle schoolers since I don’t get SNAP, WIC, or TANF. I am all that these children have so I have to be strong and move forward.

I really need all the materials and things I have listed because there is no way on my limited income as a great grandmother raising 5 children that I will be able to ever afford it.  The neighbor’s sons have committed to donating their time and labor.  If you would prefer to donate the materials as opposed to money please contact me @

Anything you can offer would be appreciated. I just want my little ones to have a solid roof over their heads. This is the first time I have ever made a request of this nature on social media.  If you know someone who could help, please share. 

Thank you and Kind Regards.