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Finished 2017 Christmas Season Fundraiser

Organizer: Mermaidseas Dolphin Defense League International
Beneficiary: neilson.honor.students

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Finished 2017 Christmas Season Fundraiser

This campaign has ended for the Holiday portion. We were not able to reach our full goal over the Winter/Christmas Holidays, but we were able to do some real good before that, so thanks all friends who tried!  The few of you who chipped in still made a difference, because of your unselfish goodness. Congratulations to Andràs, kindhearted winner of the 2017 Christmas prize, who gave his prize to a needy child! Thanks to those that helped this raffle, because out of thousands of internet friends (&  no matter how humble you may be), you are the ones that cared enough to actually try to make a difference  here & are forever treasures to the heart.

P.S. Any one who chipped in before into the 2017 student raffle anytime before New Years 2018 will not be forgotten & will automatically be entered in to new 2018 raffle prize drawings too, along with any new people there dear enough to to care. You are still able to donate to this campaign for awhile if you missed out & it will still help, but it won't be 2017 winter holiday period anymore since that is passed.  Thanks again to those precious few who cared!