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Save Claira's Heart and Home

Organizer: Susie Griffin
Beneficiary: a. simmons

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Save Claira's Heart and Home

Claira is at risk of loosing her loving home. She was generously rescued from repeated neglect, abuse and abandonment by a small and humble family with a small single income, Claira requires a greater deal of patience, attention and endless rehabilitation care and training, she is a sweet, loving, ever gentle, and a loyal and smart companion to the young boy in their home and provides the boy security, companionship and love.  She is loved and cared for but will loose her home due to financial struggles the family has fallen onto, if I am unable to raise these funds, due to Claira's troubled behavior (ie. symptoms of PTSD, extreme separation anxiety and obediance difficulties due to her missed puppy years) her family will not be able to re-home her. Claira is young and strong, and she needs her family as her family needs her so very very much.  Please help if you can, please remember even a dollar adds up and could make all the difference to Claira and her family. Thank you.

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