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Help me not lose my home

Organizer & Beneficiary: Hana

Help me not lose my home

I'm a disabled person currently in school. I currently get child support which is enough to pay rent but since I need to retake the school year and might not be able to due to health issues this might be gone soon.

The big issue is my father though. He's abusive and I rely on him paying child support and he will stop paying with any chance he gets, having to have to redo the year is a reason to him. 

So I need help to pay rent until either my lawyer can make him pay again or I find a job to sustain myself. The amount above is close to 3 months rent and food for me. There's no luxuries or additional costs in there, just the base to keep me covered until everything is solved. 

If you message me with a screenshot of your donation on my tumblr (guessworkwitch) you can ask for a reading or sketch commission! 

Please share this if you can and thank you for your time!