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USC Troy Philippines PACN 2019

Organizer & Beneficiary: Ethan Gabon

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USC Troy Philippines PACN 2019

Welcome to USC Troy Philippines annual Pilipino American Culture Night fundraiser page!

Troy Philippines is a student-led organization at the University of Southern California. We seek to provide its members with an open space that fosters personal growth, self-discovery and cultural celebration.

Troy Phi showcases the closeness, the relationships, the culture, and most importantly the love that our club has for each other. We can show you our songs, dances, and the incredible theatrical performance all put together by members of the organization! Through the script, written by our amazing coordinator Jerica Manuel, we explore the themes common to the Filipino identity as well as with family relations. Come and see the six traditional dances we've prepared as well as the modern hip-hop pieces, and stay to listen to our choir Troy Phi Voices (TPV). We perform with all the Love in our hearts. PACN will be on Sunday March 24, 2019 at 7:00pm and we are asking for your help to make the greatest show possible. 


Binaylan Banong

Kappa Malong Malong

La Jota Cavitena




Kali (martial arts)

Proceeds will go towards buying materials, supplies, venue, and music. PACN is a significant financial responsibility, and we would appreciate any help that you have to offer. We already have USC Undergraduate Student Government (USG) as well as Resident Housing Association (RHA) to thank for their contributions to our show. We appreciate any and all contributions that you can make for us.

Our current goal is to reach $2,000 in order to put on the show and fund other  activities. We accept any donations, but we have also created donation gifts to give back for your contributions to PACN. Have your business advertised or send a shout-out to a friend!

You can see the tiers for donation gifts here:  

  • $80+ - Full-page advertisement in PACN program
  • $60+ - Weekly feature on Troy Philippines newsletter to network of 500+ members and alumni
  • $55+ - Half-page advertisement in PACN program
  • $30+ - Business card advertisement in PACN program
  • $25+ - Feature on PACN slideshow (shown during intermission)

Please leave your name and email under the notes in your donation so that we can confirm your gift details! 

If you have any questions about PACN please feel free to contact your coordinators or check out PACN on the official Troy Phi website:

Jerica Manuel:

Ethan Gabon:


For the Love,

Troy Philippines

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