The Science of Tattooing - Book and Online Training

Organizer & Beneficiary: Hannah Wolf

The Science of Tattooing - Book and Online Training

Thank you for your interest and support for “The Science of Tattooing.”  

What is the Science involved in Tattooing?...

What is in tattoo pigment?

Why do tattoos fade?

How do our eyes perceive color?

What is happening to the human body during the tattoo process?

What can cause an allergic reaction in tattooing?

What autoimmune disorders are effected by tattooing?

Where have tattoos figured into human history?

The goal with this book is to answer questions people have a hard time finding answers to and ultimately making tattooing safer and more accessible for operators and consumers.

What we need from you; a note from editor Hannah Wolf:

“The Science of Tattooing” is a huge undertaking.  for the last two years I have been doing research, talking to dermatologists, chemists, biologists and most importantly... PEOPLE; lots and lots of people to try and compile questions and answers about tattooing.  I’ve hired a few brilliant technical writers/researchers along the way to help compose an educational utility for the tattoo industry (and curious consumers).  I’ve been working incredibly hard to finance this project and i simply can’t provide what this project needs to work at the pace it requires.  I ask that the community get involved so this project can be by community for community.  This book is not about corporate profit, it’s about sharing knowledge and helping to empower.  Knowledge is power after all.  I’ve been working in the tattoo industry for over 15 years and I’ve heard some Tattooers give clients some scary misinformation.  An educated industry is a safe industry is a respected industry is a successful and healthy industry! 

Help me get funding to writers and researchers to expedite this project for a publishing in 2019.  

For donations of $30-100USD you will receive a digital copy of this book once published.  

For donations of $100-200USD or more you will receive a soft cover version of book once published. 

For donations of $200USD or more you will receive a limited edition hard cover once published.

(Shipping will be additional when book is published)

(This book will not be answering questions related to infectious control as there is readily accessible information available already and most Tattooer’s are required to be certified in blood-born pathogen training. If there is a demand for this we will offer a second edition subject inclusive)

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