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Please Help ZEUS

An experienced foster family, brought home a pup one day after getting a call from NCHS.  They arrived at Animal Services to jump into action once again.  After just a few months, Zeus began itching, an insatiable itch that turned into hair loss, scratching and blood and sores and well, it goes on.  Family changed detergents, new food and every other conceivable remedy out there.  No improvement so Zeus then starts on the vet train, and still no idea of true cause but a big pot of Cytopoint, Apoquel, prednisone, mometamax, skin sprays, and well you know the rest.  Finally Zeus went to Auburn and the list of allergies Zeus has makes you want to cry.  His immune system is very low but he is fighting.  Foster Mom is a nurse, he is on a daily regimen of allergy shots and 5 other prescriptions along with a highly specialized diet.

Through all of this, he is still just “moose”, a gentle and loving giant who wants to please everyone.  Can you help this boy?  His vet bills have mounted into $1000’s, Auburn alone is about $800.  

Thank you for anything you do.

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