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New beginning my family

Organizer & Beneficiary: Gyulver Mehmedova

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New beginning my family

Hello I do not know who to turn to get out of the difficult situation. I also do not know if my message will reach you. Still I write in hope to get an answer and support.

 I have two children. My life is ordinary but troubled. I just do not know how to regain the light in my life. I'm writing to you because I need help. I have not done such things yet, but I have been faced with tragic circumstances

It is possible that you do not read my message but still try it. I have a financial difficulty and I have a lot of duties for me. I can apply all the necessary documents as proof. I know there are more people like me but I really need your help and support

I can work if you offer me an online job. I do not want much I just want to live to breathe I feel happy to love .If I can pay off the banks I will achieve my dreamPlease help me bring back the joy in my family .It started my life clean up from the beginning and provide a stable future for my children

If you decide to help me, I will send you all the proofs.I really need a huge need for your help.

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