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Michaels Road to Rehabilitation

Organizer & Beneficiary: Robert L connock

Michaels Road to Rehabilitation

On Sunday,December 23, 2018, My brother Michaels was in a vehicle  collision on Newark Expy north on Warren.The collision with a semi-truck  resulted in his flipped Toyota Senna on the freeway.

Upon impact, his C5 and C6 vertebrae in his spinal cord were immediately  shattered and fractured. Michaels had emergency surgery on his spine  that night and the doctor told us the probability of him walking again  was very low. Michaels has been in the ICU for  seven days and will remain there until his vitals are stable enough to  transfer him out. The road ahead will be long and unpredictable, but  Michaels is fighting every day.

All I can do is think of his road to rehabilitation. When he is  medically stable and meets criteria for discharge he will transfer to a  6-8 week rehab program before returning to their home in Mansfield, OH.

We could really use your help to alleviate some stress and anxiety of the financial factors that are to come in the near future.

We appreciate the love, support, prayers and encouragement as we move forward in this process!

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