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Help Cats to Have Surgeries 2 Ways to Help! =^..^=

Organizer & Beneficiary: 28 Cats

Help Cats to Have Surgeries 2 Ways to Help! =^..^=

 Please help cats to have Vet Care and Urgent Surgeries! Two easy ways to help! =^..^=

Give a donation, or buy an e-book in the links below, and you will help us to have surgeries that in some of us will relief pain and suffering.

Buy an e-book:

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Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny bilingual  e-book:

You can make a difference in our lives. We are 28 cats from a public market in Brazil. We have already have 2 dolars, and if you donate we will have more, any amount is welcome.

Thanks for your donation, and may God raise your good luck everyday!

Our health problems come and go, and our two humans solve them as they can. Two of us, Rafael and Bruno,  died even having vet care and we are still paying the vet.

Now, these are our problems:

- Now,  Gandhi, ( in the photo when healthy) is in treatment of a tumor in the nose, we need to pay vet care and medicine.

- 5 of us have severe gengivitis, teeth decay, constant salivation and cruel pain, we need surgeries. 1 of us doesn't have any teeth. We need dry cat food or food made for kittens. These kind of food is expensive.

- 2 of us has big wounds behind the ears and in the face, that never cicatrize. They need vet care.

- 5 of us need castration.

- Since 11/2018 we are in need of donations to move home to far far away from our dangerous neighbour too! We need to buy baskets or any other cheap carryers.

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