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Help Cats to Have Vet Care and Surgeries =^..^=

Organizer & Beneficiary: 28 Cats

Help Cats to Have Vet Care and Surgeries =^..^=

Please help simpathetic and loved cats to have Vet Care and Surgeries!

You can make a difference in our lives. We are 28 very simpathetic and loved cats that need vet care and spay, neuter and health surgeries to be ok to adoption.

We will thanks for your donation, and pray for God  raise your good luck everyday !

These are some of our health problems:

Rafael = had bladder stones, made a surgery in 6-4-09, has a urinary catheter since there and goes to the vet every 3 days - needs to pay the vet and medication everytime he goes. Needs good cat food.

Marcellus = needs a surgery in the mouth, his teeth aches very much,is always slobbing.

Isabelle = she is always bleeding because of a disastrous spay sugery. Needs another surgery.

Ghandy and Eva = they have a constant flu and obstructed noses.

Benicio = have wounds in the back of the ears, they itches and bleed. 5 more of us have the same.

Mariah = is very old, doesn't have teeth and need wet food . Needs to remove one  big opaque blind eye.

These are our other problems:

We've paid the vets that take care of two of us with cancer for months, so, we need your precious support for the others now!

We need to move home to far far away of our devilish neighbour too!

Thanks for your donation, and may God raise your good luck everyday!

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