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Help 28 cats to move - our neighbour is a devil!

Organizer & Beneficiary: 28 Cats

Help 28 cats to move - our neighbour is a devil!

 We are for 7 year  in a rented apartment in  Brazil,  me, my mother and 28 stray cats, because our dream was to help stray animals. Now is impossible to put cats for adoption because our neigbour is dangerous and wants to call the animal control, but he doesn't know how many cats there are here. We need money to buy baskets for cat transportation and to pay the whole move.

Have you ever seen the movie Duplex ?  In November 2018,  an old devil  moved to the front door, actually he invaded the second floor  and in the third floor (where we live) he invaded just one apt,  so he wants the entire build,  and said we should move anyway.

The water of my apt. comes from his, so he took advantage of this and cut the toilet water (forever), so, he cut out our water from November to January and asked for money , and we gave him R$ 625,00. We've got water in drops just in the taps now and pay it monthly and he said that in May will cut it definitely. We divide a wall, so he hits on it all day long. He's got a tv that never turns off,  he puts smoke from the roof top every night, and we and the cats get sick. Any complain from us and he says that will call the animal control. I can not leave the apartment to work  because he is trying to get inside and said is going to get rid of us. I cannot count how many times he broke the door lock .

Have you laugh?  It would be fun like Duplex movie but it's real. Please help us to laugh too, donating.   Thanks

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