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My family needs your help here in Gaza

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My family needs your help here in Gaza

At the start of the new year, I hope my goal will be achieved and that I can get help in forming my marginalized family in Gaza.  The year 2021 will be the year of goodness and happiness for you.  And all the respect to you, my friends?????

Children of Gaza face death and starvation with a smile that determines their fate !!

  The world has an idea of what is happening in Gaza and how children suffer from a lack of essentials, including food, clothes, adequate homes, and a lack of proper healthcare.

  Because of the Coronavirus, the situation is getting worse.  No work which means no rent payment!  And families end up on the streets homeless.

  In the West, even though you are suffering because of the virus, you have access to health care, most of you have access to food, water and heating as well even if it is through a food bank or a community welfare grant.  These resources, which they take for granted, are not available in Gaza.  The Palestinian government is hindered by the fact that it does not have a free government, and it cannot make independent decisions that will help, which is why help is needed in many different ways.  I,m Oday, say: "Most of the families are starving because they lost their income and have no opportunity to work for the income or pay their children’s money, but they were looking for food in garbage containers, begging and feeding their children what they begged for."  I ask you where is humanity in that?

  Many people desperately need your help.  Any donation, no matter how small, will help us feed and keep the children and their families alive.

  Please donate, without your help we cannot help.  My family is also in a very bad condition.  We cannot provide food supplies and the basic necessities of life.  I hope you will help even a little

  Thank you so much for everything you can donate, and if you are unable to donate then please share that donation invaluable.

  God bless everyone

Oday : ?❤️

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