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Life saving treatment for Nina

Organizer: Shdr
Beneficiary: nina the beagle mix

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Life saving treatment for Nina


Sunday morning update:

Nina made it thru the night has had meds and fluids this morning status unchanged

Will update if any change either way

Update: after testing and care she is in CRITICAL CONDITION but is currently stable

May need a transfusion. Extremely underweight

May not survive but we are fighting for her!

A few days ago we had been approached to take this 3 year old beagle mix when her stray hold was up. We were told very underweight but ok otherwise but when we went to get her today we were told she was not able to walk and was not keeping food or water down. We have her at the vet now immediately getting care and they are currently working on her. She is getting tests and this will not be cheap. The shelter said we could leave her but they would have killed her being so sick.

Help us help Nina!!

362B Aerodrome Way, Griffin, GA 30224 • (404) 857-2672

Please help **URGENT**

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