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Rehabilitation for rape victim

Organizer: Rajsekhar
Beneficiary: shravan kumar

Rehabilitation for rape victim

We urgently need to raise funds for a 4yr old girl who was raped by an 18-yr old man.The victim family belongs to India.Her mother was bathing her when the little girl complained of pains in her private parts. When her mother probed her further, it was revealed to the mother that a young man had locked her in a toilet facility and inserted his manhood into her. 

She is currently unable to walk properly and has been bedridden for three days. She has only recently started being able to pass urine.

The proceeds will go towards her reconstructive surgery and any amounts exceeded will be completely donated to her mother for her upkeep and other medical care.

We would appreciate the smallest donation as it goes towards a bigger pool.

The name of the beneficiary of funds is shravan kumar. This Campaign was set up on her behalf as she is the one who will administer funds for the medical bills and rehabilitation of the victim and family.

The victim is currently living with the family of shravan kumar and receiving medical attention.

The payments will be made through shravan kumar to the a MIOT Hospital ,Chennai,India

The parents have appointed shravan kumar as their representative.

shravan kumar and Mrs Lakshmi are the guardians of the child.

 Funds will be sent via bank transfer to the victims family in India

Shravan kumar will also be hosting and rehabilitating the victim and her family with the intention of giving them a better standard of living.

Thank you for your donation.

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