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An urgent appeal please participate and donate

Organizer & Beneficiary: Raneen

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An urgent appeal please participate and donate

I am Raneen from Gaza, a mother of 6 children, and my husband was martyred in the genocidal war in Gaza.  Now we live without water and in tents made of plastic and cloth that do not protect us from the cold of winter or from the rain that drowned us inside.  My children cry every day from the hunger that kills them, and I beg you to help me and save my children from hunger and extreme cold.  We in Gaza die every day from missiles, hunger, thirst, cold and diseases.  I ask every living defender to help me and my children and donate to them.  They are orphan children without a father because their father was killed by the criminal enemy.  Please share the Social Fund link for everyone so you can receive a portion of your much-needed donations???

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